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Mind Unwind is the only Anxiety management app that has been designed for young people by young people. Alongside breathing and meditation exercises, the app features a revolutionary panic button that will bring up your favourite songs, images and contacts for when things get tough.




Why Mind Unwind?

An estimated 14% of people in Australia’s schools suffer from Anxiety, yet when we tried to find an anxiety management app for young people we couldn’t. That’s when we decided to build one ourselves.

Mind Unwind was designed and developed through a co-design process with local students. The students were able to provide vital insights into the coping strategies they used when things got tough, including listening to their favourite songs, watching funny videos and contacting their loved ones.

“There are over 150,000 mobile health apps out there, and nearly one-third of them focus on depression and anxiety. What we couldn’t find was something that utilised already existing coping mechanisms of young people, and put them in one easy to access spot for young people.”

Brendan O’Connell – EO – BGKLLEN 

“While figures say that 1 in 7 young people between the ages of 4 – 17 are affected by anxiety, our consultations with schools point to the fact that the actual numbers might be far higher”

Michelle Graeber – CEO – Anxiety Recovery Centre

“Simple things like listening to calming music or having a conversation with a friend can really help to manage anxiety. We used these coping strategies to help young people better understand anxiety, which and made them simple to access whenever they need them through a simple panic button in the app”

Brendan O’Connell BGKLLEN EO

We’ve incorporated all of these into our app, and made them accessible at the push of the big red panic button that’s always visible in our app. The app also features a mood tracker, games and breathing, mindfulness and meditation exercises.


Mood Tracking

Calming Exercises


Guided Breathing

Panic Button

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Mind Unwind is available for free on the App store or Google Play Store. Should you have any questions about our App, please get in touch with us using the form below.

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