Mind Unwind

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf. —-Jon Kabat-Zinn 


ABOUT MindUnwind

To mitigate mental health issues as a barrier to education for high school students by providing accessible and engaging education and support. 

ARCVic and BGKLLEN are working to develop an app which can be used by school students to help them better understand issues of stress and anxiety and provide support through education and self-care 


Mood Tracking

Calming Exercises


Guided Breathing

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My password won't work

If you’ve forgotten your password or it just doesn’t seem to be working for you, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link just above the password text box. We can then send you an email with a new password for you to use

I can't post in the value board

Unfortunately, you can’t participate in value board until you become a mind-unwind member. However, if you have signed up and you’re logged in but you still can’t post in the board, contact us and we’ll see what the problem.

Is mind-unwind confidential?

Yes, mind-unwind is confidential. To use the app you don’t need to provide any information that identifies you. However if you’d like to sign up as a member, we do ask you for some information like your email, gender and age. We only use this information for our own research and won’t ever share it without your consent. 

Can I fundraise for mind-unwind?

Sorry, we do not accept donation at this moment, but many thanks for your warm heart and generous!